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Fire rescue and transportation assist robot

Manufacturer : Topsky

Model : RXR-SG300D

Production/proxy : Production

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Agent price : USD3500

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Last updated : 2016-12-29 21:47:20

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Product details

1 Overview:

Fire and transportation assist robot equipped with crawler and wheel two walking mode, modular design, with firefighters reconnaissance, high-level groundwater laying, subway exhaust pipe laying, fire row Smoke, wounded and water pipe delivery and other functions

2 Features:

1. With guiding rope bracket, equipped with lighting and bracket, focusing on the smoke exhaust function, can carry smoke machine, remote control smoke function.

2. Using the battery as the power source, with manual control, wire control and remote control functions

3. The car can automatically switch between two walking modes

4. provide 12V, 24V, 48V power outlet

5. Equipped with fire extinguishers, air pager placed transport box;

6. Reserve the camera and other equipment to install the card slot.

7. With a function to turn against a wall.

8. Equipped with case to fit 200 to 500 meters of water pipe.

Fire transport assists robots for public (iron) road tunnel fire; subway station and tunnel fires; underground facilities and freight yard fire; large span large space fire; petrochemical depot and refinery fire; dangerous fire target attack and cover; Close to the fire fighting transport work.

3 Specifications

1. Speed ≥2km/h

2. Climbing speed≥30m/min

3. Operation hours≥2.5h

4. ★carry load≥350kg

5. ★climbing load capacity≥160kg

6. ★Climb ability ≥200mm ≥30°slope

7. ★Water pipe carry distance≥90m